“Horse Girl Review”: A Journey Towards Insanity

Horse Girl is a film that wants to make its audience aware of mental health issues with new methods and original concepts. There are already many films that take the theme of the main character who is experiencing mental disorders. However, we always act as viewers from the perspective of a third person. Seeing them slowly leads to insanity and makes us sympathetic. That’s it.

While in “Horse Girl”, the story takes us in a journey toward the pure form of insanity. It is not a pleasant journey, but experiencing mental disorders is not something that will make us feel comfortable.

Gradually, we will feel how mental illness feels like a virus that plagues our normal lives into terror.

From the beginning to the end of the film, we will see the world through Sarah’s perspective. From when she was working in a shop, going home and enjoying her favorite series, to sleeping and entering Sarah’s dream. Then she woke up on the side of the road, far from the apartment where she lived.

Maybe at first, we did not realize that this film tried to swallow every audience in the madness felt by Sarah; and so is a mental illness attacking the sufferer.

When the film finishes, we will feel “crazy” and do not believe what we just saw. Some of us might make statements that this film has disturbing content, makes us anxious, and everything feels too absurd. But hey, that’s how insanity works; everything feels absurd.

Maybe we are already familiar with Alison Brie. She is famous through the old American sitcom, “Community”. Alison is one of the actresses who are trapped in stereotypical typecast actresses. She always appears as the same figure in every film, tends to be cheerful and becomes a beautiful woman but does not have a prominent personality.

Even though in “Horse Girl”, she still plays a character that is not far from the stereotype, but this time, she plays in a darker story with a bleak theme. Not only smiling at the camera, but Alison is also able to bring us to Schizophrenia Wonderland through convincing acting and totality. Alison managed to take her acting to the next level.

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