Let Me Present My IP Man 4: The Finale Review

As the title suggests, Ip Man 4: The Finale is the end of Ip Man’s (Donnie Yen) journey and adventure. The basis of the story of this film is the health condition of Master Ip Man and the conflict that emerged after that.

The conflict in this film itself is made not too complicated and its scope is not so broad. The conflict described is a personal conflict between Master Ip Man and some characters in the film.

The presence of new characters in this film also contributes to new conflicts that ultimately intersect with the conditions that must be faced by Master Ip Man.

This time the place settings also did not use many locations in China, but most of the place settings in this film were told in the United States.

Master Ip Man’s trip to the United States itself began with the student’s request, which was none other than Bruce Lee.
The presence of Bruce Lee (played by Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan) is not only a plot device in this film but also a very entertaining dish. Although he’s only getting a little screen time, the presence of Bruce Lee was executed well so that it becomes a plus of this film.

Besides Bruce Lee, another character that is quite prominent as a plot device is Yonah (Vanda Margraf), besides adding visual beauty to her beautiful face, Yonah’s character is also easy for the audience to like.

Humor in this film is also presented with the right portion and is present at the right time. Unfortunately, sadness at the end of the film is not conveyed so well that the foundation at the beginning becomes less pronounced when approaching the ending. If you are curious about its ending, you can watch this movie on https://www.amctheatres.com/movies/ip-man-4-62250

Overall, Ip Man 4: The Finale is very suitable to be witnessed at the end of 2019 because it presents a story with conflict that is quite complete in its elements.

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